Healthy Plum CakeBy Shreya AdhavIt's Plum & Holiday Season, And that gives us a Reason for Celebration.
Keto KebabBy Shreya AdhavKetogenic is one of the most trending diets but we don't really have much Indian Keto Recipes. Here's Keto Kebab exclusively for you.
Healthy Katori ChaatBy Shreya Adhav6 pm onwards, the real hunger strikes in but are you bored of eating the same snack and looking for something yummy yet healthy? Healthy Chaat Recipe.
Weight Loss -Mini PizzaBy Shreya AdhavWeight loss means compromising on all your favourite food items and especially Pizza. Here's a recipe which you can enjoy along with the weight loss journey.
Lockdown DinnerBy Shreya AdhavCovid, Lockdown, Sedentary Lifestyle & Stress. All factors which contribute to weight gain, especially fat gain. So here's a perfect dinner recipe to keep your weight in check.
Chocolate CheesecakeBy Shreya AdhavWho doesn't love cake and that too cheesecake?! Well, this one is Nutritionist-Approved.
Refreshing Detox SmoothieBy Shreya AdhavIndulged during Diwali? We have a perfect detox smoothie for you to not worry about the indulgence.
Vegan Recovery BowlBy Shreya AdhavVeganism is the New Trending Lifestyle & We will help you achieve your goals with this amazing recipe because it's gluten-free, vegan, natural & yummy.
Herb & Cheese Mashed PotatoesBy Shreya AdhavLooking for a High Calorie-High Fat snack option? Here you go! Athletes, you can replace the potato with sweet potato too!
Amaranth TikkiBy Shreya AdhavAmaranth is a power-packed grain with numerous healthy properties that include fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and Gluten-Free, making it an ideal option for the fast day too.
Guilt Free Mango SorbetBy Shreya AdhavIt's hard to resist the king of fruits, so why not enjoy it guilt-free?! Here's a recipe for you all.
Chocolate Chia PuddingBy Shreya AdhavFor all the Chocolate Lovers. Now Enjoy Chocolate with Goodness of Chia Seeds.
Gluten Free-Vegan BrownieBy Shreya AdhavEnvironmental stress is adding up & so is our Cortisol Levels! Are you also getting sweet cravings because of the stress?? We've got a Perfect Recipe to take care of Sugar Cravings.
Nutritious MomosBy Shreya AdhavQuarantine Time has Made us Explore the Chef Inside Us. So why not, try out something which is our favorite & nutritious?
Immune Booster ShotsBy Shreya AdhavCheers with these Immune Booster Shots during the pandemic of Corona Virus also known as Covid-19 is to Boost Your Immunity.
Cranberry Almond Oats Energy BitesBy Shreya AdhavA perfect combo for your pre, during & post-workout/ training/ event nutrition. Time to top up your fuel with these yummy energy bites.
Marathon BurritosBy Shreya AdhavIf you're a keen runner, eat nutritious meals to fit in with your training program. These energy-boosting Mexican wraps are perfect fitness fodder.
Perfect Lunch -Healthy Salad JarBy Shreya AdhavStuck in back to back meetings? Or Traveling? Well, here is the easy & nutrient-filled portable lunch on-the-go!
Easy Kale SaladBy Shreya AdhavCholesterol Free, Fat-Free, Low Sodium, Low Calorie, Vegan and has every nutrient to keep you healthy - Kale Salad.