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Inside - Healthy Diet.

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A Wholesome Diet Focuses on
What You Eat & How Much You Eat

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Purify & Nourish Your
Mind, Body & Soul.

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Food is the Code Our DNA Reads

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Encapsulation of all Essential Nutrients

SpirEat Nutrition

Years of Experience as a Sport Nutritionist

Sports Nutritionist to Amateur, State, National, Olympic, Asian Games, Ironman Champions Shreya Adhav is a Founder of SpirEat -Sports Nutrition Clinic and Masters holder in Sports Nutrition with more than five years of experience in this field. She has been awarded among 51 Most Influential Women of Nasik/ North Maharashtra And Most Influential Food Industry Professional  for her meritorious work in the field of Clinical & Sports Nutrition.

Shreya Adhav

What We Offer for Good Health?

Sports Nutrition

A Customised Diet to Fuel Your Performance & Fitness.

Weight Management

A Diet Plan for Weight Loss & Gain.

Clinical Nutrition

A Holistic Nutritional Approach as per Your Medical Condition, Lifestyle & Goals.

Rehab Nutrition

Healing You Through Food


An Integration Between Genomic Science & Nutrition

Ultraendurance Nutrition

Ultra Nutrition Needs for Ultra Athlete

What People Are Saying

A Story that bought best change in me. So, when I meet Shreya for first time, I was afraid whether I could follow diet or not? But as she started explaining about the food, the cycle that works in our body, omg that boosted me and my confidence! Whatever food she told me to eat, actually showed the same effect, food she suggested to boost up energy and yes, the chamomile tea (PS: I don’t drink much but stress reliever) She has answered all my calls regarding worrying about my weight! All I know is I can see change in my body over a period of time being on a plan with the perfect nutritionist, perfect in telling me what workout I need to do. Thank you so much for bringing change in me!

Ritik Punjabi
It has been a great experience working with Shreya. She is very detailed and spent a lot of time with me to understand what nutrition will work for me. I was amazed at the scientific approach she took to my nutrition and the details she went into to make sure I was performing at my optimal levels. She understood my body chemistry and made me take blood tests to know exactly how to tailor a program that worked for me. My goal was an Ironman and in 3 months she gets me strong and ready for it. I was at my fittest level while working with her. I also like that she kept following up with me to make sure I was on track and working towards my goal. I have worked with nutritionists before, but nothing like this - it was being incredible to work with Shreya.
Mr. Avinash Thadani
Ironman Denmark